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8 digit numeric wordlist

Name: 8 digit numeric wordlist

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Why not Generate the Wordlist and feed it direct to Aircrack? with crunch . no space needed then is better i mean also easier .. try this. I need a 8 character numeric wordlist, I have been looking around for one and haven't been able to find a good download, so if someone could.

I am trying to generate a 8 digit number password list for WPA cracking of a router that has pre set 8 digit key phase when supplied from the sevice provider. i am using the following crunch 8 8 -f /usr/share/crunch/ numerical -o /root/ my computer is working about 14 hours for 8 digits. Please try it If you could run 9 digits or any kind of Turkish wordlist I would be greatful. Hi, I want to genrate a 8 digit alphanumeric wordlist consisting of every key consist of any 5 numbers and alphabets not more then 3 in a key.

A 10 digit numerical password only has about 33 bits of entropy. would just take more time, hence my need for the 10 digit numerical wordlist. is that the password is effectively 8 digits numeric, as the first 2 digits are same.

Brute force, unless you know a lot about the password and it's incredibly stupid ( i.e. you know for certain it's an 8 character set of numbers) is. kali > crunch 6 8 -o /root/ .. specifically a numeric word list of numbers with 10 as minimum length and 10 as I need a list with 13 digits, in the format @@@@@@@@@@%%%. Argon Wordlist v1, MB, MB 0~9 Numbers, KB, MB. Birthday 3 letters + 8 digits (,, lines), MB, GB. I have seen occasional requests on the forums for word lists so I I'll definitely share my french dict with correct UTF-8 accents when it's done.

. model, I know that the target is a 10 digit password, numbers and letters or only.


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